Organization and governance


  • CNRS, ENS de Lyon, IFPEN, Sorbonne University, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and University of Strasbourg
  • 4 complementary teams who are pooling their high-performance equipment and skills


Management Board 

  • Director 

Nathalie Schildknecht

Nathalie Schildknecht

Doctor in Engineering
Director of the Physics and Analysis Division at IFP Energies nouvelles
Analytical Sciences Research Manager
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IFPEN > Nathalie Schildknecht’s team
  • Deputy Directors

Anne Lesage

Anne Lesage 

Research Engineer, CNRS 
Head of the "Hyperpolarized solid-state NMR" unit at the Very High Field NMR Center in Lyon
Director of the National Research Infrastructure for Very High Field NMR (IR RMN THC)
(FRE 3050)
Specialist fields: NMR Spectroscopy, Solid-state NMR, Hyperpolarization, Material Surface Characterization
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CRMN > Anne Lesage’s team
Ovidiu Ersen

Ovidiu Ersen

Full professor, Commission 28 (Solid state and materials) of CNU, University of Strasbourg, Faculty of Physics and Engineering
Solid state physics, Nanomaterials, Structure and physical properties. Electron microscopy, 3D imaging, In-situ and operando microscopy
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IPCMS > Ovidiu Ersen’s team
Pierre Levitz

Period: 2019 to June 2021

Pierre Levitz

Director of research classe exceptionnelle (top rank) - CNRS, Commission 5, CNRS National Institute of Physics
Physics and Physical chemistry of porous media
Morphology, Relationship between structure and transport of confined fluids, imaging, SAXS, X-ray microscopy
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Laurent Michot

Period: from June 2021

Laurent Michot

Research director–CNRS, Commission 30, Institut National des sciences de l’univers
Deputy Director of the CARMEN joint research laboratory 
Physical Chemistry of colloids (clays, silica), 2D and 3D imagery, SAXS, X-ray microscopy

PHENIX > Pierre Levitz and Laurent Michot’s team