CNRS, ENS de Lyon, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), Sorbonne University, Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and University of Strasbourg have pooled their skills and expertise to create a joint research laboratory (LCR), called "CARMEN", as part of a five-year research program devoted to the characterization of materials for new energies.

The aim is to improve our understanding of molecular and/or colloidal transport in complex porous substrates and to develop new methodologies for the detailed analysis of these materials in order to support innovation in energy transition.

Interesting porous materials for energy transition

These materials, such as catalyst supports and soils, can be used in a wide range of applications, for example in the fields of biomass catalytic conversion, adsorbents for contaminant reduction and renewable energy storage.

    Interview with Ms Nathalie Schildknecht,
    Director of the CARMEN joint research laboratory 
    and Director of the Physics and Analysis Division of IFPEN

    Interview with Ms Claire-Marie Pradier,
    Deputy Scientific Director at the CNRS Institute of Chemistry,
    about the creation of the CARMEN joint research laboratory

    Interview with Mr Eric Heintzé,
    Scientific Director of IFPEN at the time the 
    CARMEN joint research laboratory was created (July 2019)