Steering Committee of 10 July 2019


The steering committee of CARMEN i.e CNRS (INC and INP), ENS Lyon, IFP Energies nouvelles, Sorbonne University and the University of Strasbourg 

  • CNRS : C-M. Pradier (Deputy Scientific Director – sections 13 et 14, INC), N. Keller (Deputy Scientific Director, INP), P. Breuilles (Deputy Scientific Director -International and Industrial Partnerships INC), A. Walcarius (Project Manager, INC)  
  • ENS de Lyon : Y. Ricard, Vice-President of Research
  • IFPEN : E. Heintzé, Scientific Director
  • Sorbonne University: B. Bachimont, Director of Research and Development, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University: F. Vallée, Vice-President of Research
  • Strasbourg University: Y. Hoarau, Deputy Vice-Chairperson of Research 

Management Board: N. Schildknecht, A. Lesage, O. Ersen and P. Levitz

Guest Members: L. Michot (Director of PHENIX), G. Pintacuda (Director of CRMN), P. Rabu (Director of IPCMS) 

Objectives of the steering committee 

- Monitoring whether the program's objectives are fulfilled
- Reviewing the progress of the work
- Discussing and approving the annual program to be undertaken
- Taking decisions about any issues relating to the research program and the operation of the joint research laboratory, in relation with the initial objectives

Type/catégories d’actus
Steering Committee of 10 July 2019